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First off…free shipping always! The Folly Winer (pronounced why-ner) is named because it features coffees with a bright, pleasant acidity, like a fine wine. It is sophisticated and complex, like a rubik’s cube wearing a top hat. It is for the adventurous coffee drinker looking for vibrant flavors in their cup. This coffee comes in a 12oz whole bean bag with a one way valve and resealable zipper to maintain freshness. Roasting occurs weekly on Thursdays and orders are shipped within 24 hours of roast


Rwanda Bambogo

Altitude: 1650-2000 masl

Region: Gakenke District

Processing Method: Washed

Variety: Red Bourbon

Farm: Smallholder farms Bambogo Washing Station

Bumbogo is a very young washing station, at only 4 years old. It is located in one of Rwanda’s best coffee-growing regions, Gakenke District, where multiple stations have won the Rwandan Cup of Excellence. This station is managed by Fidel Munyansenga of Neza Trading Company. After each harvest, Fidel becomes an itinerant agronomist helping farmers in his community to tend to their coffee plants. Amongst other things, Fidel has led the distribution of new seeds to the surrounding community. This coffee variety, processing method, and growing region creates a bright, citrusy, and slightly savory cup.