Folly 100% Kona- Limited Release

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Looking at the roasted coffee market, we noticed a concerning trend. Commercial roasters using an insignificant portion of real Kona and branding the final product “Kona Coffee” to capitalize on the famous growing region while keeping costs down and diluting quality. Well, excuse our language, but that is a bunch of m*larkey.

In this reusable coffee canister, you will find nothing but 100% true Kona Coffee, grown on the Kealakekua Bay Farm in Hawaii and roasted by Folly Coffee. A limited one-time release, this is a rare opportunity to taste coffee from one of the smallest growing regions in the world. This cup is sweet, savory, and winey with berry notes and an herbal aftertaste. Once it’s gone, it’s gone for good!

$50- 10oz 100% Kona Whole Bean w/ reusable coffee canister

Only 96 canisters will be produced! Don’t wait! 

See below for all the coffee origin details.

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100% Kona- Hawaii

Processing Method: Natural

Variety: Typica

Farm: Kealakekua Bay

Altitude: 235-335 masl

The Kona region of Hawaii is one of the smallest growing regions in the world and the only growing region within the United States. The Kealakekua Bay Farm was planted in 2012 and is roughly 16 hectares in size. The farm specializes in the typica variety. The natural processing and light roasting of this coffee brings out a winey and berry-like flavor profile in this coffee. Balanced and sweet.